Baseball, Waterdown

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Mosquito - Ages 10 or 11 by the end of the year

Mosquito is the next level of play that introduces a new dimension to the game of baseball. One of the biggest changes in this division is the introduction of the opposing team pitching the ball to the batter. Pitching skills are taught to all who would like to learn and batters are taught defensive batting techniques.
Along with pitching, base running becomes an intricate part of the game as the ball remains in play as per baseball rules unless the umpire calls time. Stealing (without lead-offs) is introduced at this age group.  Player's are allowed to leave their base as the pitch crosses the plate and can steal at their peril.  The catcher's role is now more important than in earlier age groups as runners are free to advance and the catcher has the opportunity to throw stealing runners out on the bases. There are three outs per side per inning with a regulation game consisting of six innings. There are a maximum number of runs per inning in effect and the entire team is in the batting rotation. 

Rotation rules are in effect and enforced to ensure all players receive an equal opportunity to play infield and outfield positions.  Limits on innings pitched per game are also enforced.