Baseball, Waterdown

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7.1. AGE: Players shall be 10 and 11 years old.


a) The distance between home plate and the pitching rubber shall be 44 feet.
b) The distance between bases shall be 65 feet.


a) Bats shall be no more than 32" long and 2 ¾" at the widest point


a) INFIELD FLY: Infield fly rule IS in effect

7.5. LINE-UP:

b) ROTATION: See Rule 2.3

7.6. THE GAME:

a) Each game shall be a maximum of 6 innings. Four complete innings (or 3½ innings, if the home team is leading) will constitute a game in the event that the game has to be called early by the umpire. An incomplete game will be replayed in its entirety.
b) MERCY RULE: Mercy rule of six runs per inning applies except in the sixth inning. A 15 run lead after four or more complete innings constitutes a game mercy. The sixth inning is an open inning – mercy rules do not apply.
c) Malicious contact by runner or defensive players will result in an immediate ejection from that game plus one further game suspension.
d) Defensive players may not block the base path without the ball unless he in the imminent act of fielding the ball. Sliding is encouraged when there is close play at a base or home except at first base.
e) TWO–OUT CATCHER: Coaches are encouraged to ask for a substitute runner for catcher if there are 2 outs so that he may dress for the next inning. The substitute runner shall be the last "out".
f) INJURY: There are no substitute runners except for injured players. Any injured player who cannot take his place in the batting order his next at bat shall be passed over without penalty.
g) Unlike Rookieball, the ball is in play and is live as per regular baseball rules until the ball becomes legally dead or the umpire calls time as per regular baseball rules.


a) WALK: When a batter becomes a runner due to a walk issued, the batter is entitled to first base only and can not advance until the next pitch is thrown.
b) Dropped 3rd strike rule does not apply. The batter is automatically out on 3rd strike and may not become a runner whether the catcher catches the ball or not. It is however a live ball and runners may advance at their own risk.


a) LEAD-OFFS: Lead-off’s are not allowed. Penalty: Runner is out.
b) STEALING: A baserunner may leave the base when the pitched ball crosses the plate.
c) There will be NO STEALING HOME. 


a) A pitcher may pitch a maximum of three innings per game. Any part of an inning pitched (1 or more pitches) constitutes an inning pitched. The pitcher, once "removed" or "relieved" from the mound at any time during the game, shall not be permitted to return to pitch in that game.
b) Penalty: Failure to comply with rule 7.9 shall result in the coaches ejection from the game.
c) Call-up players may not pitch.
d) Any pitcher who hits three batters in any game shall not pitch further that game. Any pitcher who deliberately pitches at the batter in any game shall be ejected from that game and suspended from the next.
e) Pitchers are allowed 5 warm-up pitches, 7 for new or starting pitchers.
f) The number of trips to the mound by a coach should not be limited except when the umpire rules that the purpose of the trip is to delay the game
g) BALK: The Balk rule is not enforced in this division.